B-CC’s Icks

Judgment is still prominent through what this generation calls the “The Ick.” But don’t fret, these quick tips will help you stay Ick-free this spring.

Caroline O'Brien, staff

Thought Generation Z was entirely inclusive and open-minded? Think again. Judgment is still prominent through what this generation calls the “The Ick.” 

This so-called “Ick” has been described by Urban Dictionary as “you THINK you like them, but then you suddenly catch The Ick.” Once The Ick kicks in, you can’t look at your crush in the same way; instead, you progressively get turned off by them. Yes, folks, The Ick sticks.

Walking through the halls of B-CC, it’s easy to catch whispers of friend groups gossiping about their love lives. However, these crushes are temporary, as The Ick usually kills the romance. 

With the help of B-CC students, we crafted the perfect list of what NOT to do when rizzing. Listen up on how you can avoid giving someone The Ick: 


  1. Don’t be a “pick me”: This would entail doing things for the sake of getting the attention of others, and not in a subtle way.
    1. Ex: “I look so bad today, but do you think I’m cute?” Enough.


  1. Don’t act unintelligent to gain attention. This is a popular one because some like to ask questions they already know the answer to just to be “cute.” News flash: it’s not cute.
    1. Ex: “Maryland is a state? What? I thought it was a country.”


  1. Don’t simp too early. Always play it cool. The chase is everything. It won’t kill you to turn Snapchat off for a while.
    1. Ex: Double texting before your relationship is official is a big no-no.


  1. Don’t be for the stree–uh, we mean the team. Don’t be for the team. Flirting with your love interest’s friends and teammates will NOT make your love interest jealous. It will backfire.


  1. Don’t take up an attitude with adults. Parents and teachers are here to support you, so disrespecting them looks immature. Big time Ick!


  1. Don’t believe that you are HIM or HER or THEM. You are not. Practice humility and empathy as you navigate relationships.


Enough said, Barons. It’s time to re-enter the playing field with these handy tips in mind. Good luck!