Student Government’s Upcoming Elections Different from the Past

Katie Dorsey, staff

Student Government Association (SGA) elections are coming up on April 14th for B-CC and there are many new changes to the process this year. 

New developments in the election process include students running are required to have two teacher recommendations, grade-specific advisors being put into place, the election schedule being adjusted so as not to overlap with AP and IB exams, a Student Special Elections Committee being created, and lastly, an orientation was created for students to ask questions about the election process. 

The deadline to submit SGA applications was extended but is closing, Thursday, March 30th. The student body will be notified of the election results on the Monday following the election.

Pending approval, candidate for School-Wide Vice President, Adin Eisler stated, “I am running because I think we need to bring a sense of normalcy to the SGA…” adding, “I plan to work on the small things that need change like reshaping advisory to have more engaging lessons, reaching out to people in the school who don’t feel represented, opening the bathrooms…”

The SGA allows students to have a bigger voice in the school while also representing their fellow classmates. Ms. Fishel, who is the Election Organizer, School-Wide SGA Advisor, and point person for School-Wide candidates said, “We want every corner of the school to be represented.”