B-CC Teacher Potentially Suing MCPS

Following a community message released after an alleged “hate-bias event” on the B-CC campus, a teacher has retained legal counsel and sent a letter of retraction to the B-CC administration, demanding that their comments be revoked. The teacher is alleging defamation and injury to reputation, compromising their ability to perform as a teacher; however, a lawsuit has yet to be filed.
The alleged incident is said to have taken place on February 8th, with the community message being sent to students, staff, and the larger B-CC community on February 10th. The community message cited reports from students that a teacher “said to several African American students that he was ‘unable to distinguish them from other African American students’ in the classroom,” and that administration, with the help of MCPS Office of School Support and Well-Being and Department of Student Engagement Behavioral Health and Academics, is conducting an investigation to “fully understand all the facts.”
B-CC administration had no comment on whether or not they were consulting with legal counsel concerning any “hate bias” incidents.