B-CC Administrator Ms. Adamson Transitioning Out

“It warms my heart to see students succeed, and if I can have a hand in that, it defines my work.”

Riley Petersen

B-CC administrator Ms. Adamson is transferring to Walter Johnson High School at the end of this school year for an assistant principal position. She will complete a principal internship program at Walter Johnson, which will allow her to apply for principalships the year after she completes the program.

Ms. Adamson has been a B-CC administrator for three years. Entering B-CC during the COVID-19 pandemic, Adamson was tasked with bringing together a freshman class that was attending their first year at B-CC online. Despite the challenges, Adamson was driven to create a stronger sense of community at B-CC.

She explained that she wanted to make B-CC “more understanding, where we support each other, care about each other, and make sure that any student who feels different feels like they can be a part of B-CC.” For her first two years, she served as the class administrator for 2024 and worked hand in hand with the SGA to build this sense of community within the class.

Another accomplishment that Ms. Adamson takes pride in is her Black History Month campaign. Adamson helped students create a month-long celebration aimed at helping underrepresented groups feel that they have more of a place on the stage. “I wanted students to feel like they can stand out…and create a time to acknowledge and honor Black history,” she explained when describing her efforts for this campaign.

For Adamson, her work at B-CC has been all about the impact she can have on students: “It warms my heart to see students succeed, and if I can have a hand in that, it defines my work.” Adamson recalls the other day when a student came into her office excitedly to tell her that they had attended and were on time for all of their classes that day. This was a huge mark of success for this student.

“These are the types of things that, no matter what the accomplishment, I want to encourage and I want to celebrate it,” Adamson told Tattler staff. “I hope that my work has really been about uplifting all students,” she continued.

Ms. Adamson also hopes to continue seeing B-CC change for the better and “every adult in this building working to create a sense of belonging for all students.”