The Black History Showcase Showed Up and Showed Out

Aida Humphries

To honor the Black excellence at B-CC and beyond, the second annual Black History Month showcase was held on Thursday, February 16. The showcase included a variety of performing arts, such as spoken word, dance, and musical performances.

Prior to the event, B-CC senior Miranda Reede expressed, “I’m really looking forward to majorette and Step. As a new student, it’s exciting to see the cultural dances that are being showcased.”

B-CC administrator Ms. Vickie Adamson, who led the showcase, explained that her inspiration for putting this event together was the need to celebrate Black history because “Black history is American history.”

“While they should be better integrated, we do have the month of February where we should stop, pause, and recognize the achievements of Black Americans,” said Ms. Adamson.

While the show ran seamlessly and the audience was overjoyed, putting the showcase together was difficult, according to Ms. Adamson. They will keep in mind what changes need to be made for the upcoming years.

Ms. Young, a B-CC teacher who also helped with the showcase, commented, “Next year, we look forward to finding the perfect formula for our show. What other acts can we add to highlight more of our talented students and showcase the variety of gifts our students possess as well as contributions of Black people that parallels to the contributions we’ve made to society?”

Nevertheless, it’s evident that the showcase still won the hearts of many this year, with one spectator even commenting, “Watching these skilled students perform and represent their culture was an amazing way to celebrate Black History Month!”