B-CC Teacher Superlatives Make a Comeback

Milan Bhayana

Teacher superlatives have returned to B-CC’s yearbook! Among the myriad categories in the competition are “Best Duo,” “Most Likely To Give Homework Over A Holiday,” and “Best Classroom.”

“Staff superlatives have a long history here at B-CC,” commented junior Charlie Raiban, an editor of the yearbook. “They were among my favorite pages in the yearbook.”

Rabiman also mentioned that he expects Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Zehner to win the best duo award for the third year in a row. Gilmore and Zehner’s antics with outfits and songs are well known, along with their constant, humorous insults aimed at each other.

A junior on the yearbook staff, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed that she hoped Ms. Creager would win the award for most likely to give homework over the holiday, a sentiment echoed by many students.

As for the best classroom, Ms. Mey is the runaway favorite. Among the many features of the B3 AP Biology class are a snack bar filled with pop tarts, a coffee machine, and, of course, the beanbag chairs in the corner. On her expected win, Ms. Mey said, “I think Tracy’s room is the best!”

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