B-CC Student Followed by Suspicious Male

Milan Bhayana

A B-CC student was approached by a middle-aged white man who opened his car’s passenger door and told them to get in on Wednesday, January 25. When they refused to get into the car and started to walk away, the man initially followed them before giving up and driving off at the Old Georgetown Road intersection.

This is one of many reports of a suspicious male in Bethesda attempting to lure students into his vehicle. Other schools reporting similar incidents include Chevy Chase Elementary and Wood Acres Elementary.

The student, who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons, did not respond to an interview from The Tattler, but their mother told Fox 5 that her child was waiting for her outside the Church in Bethesda, which is located near Bethesda Elementary School, when they were approached.

She received three texts in rapid succession at 7:13 and 7:14 pm:

“Some creepy guy just tried to tell me that you sent him to pick me up”

“How far are you”

“Mom, I’m scared where are you”

The principal of Chevy Chase Elementary School sent a letter home after two similar incidents were reported by students.

The police warn everyone to stay vigilant and safe. They are searching for a photo or video of the vehicle and its license plate, but they caution against anyone risking their safety in order to get them.