Pass Wars: The Fourth Awakens

The latest change to B-CC’s hall pass policy raises some eyebrows.

Three teenagers were let into B-CC by two B-CC students on Friday, December 2nd. Two of these teenagers did not attend B-CC and proceeded to physically assault a B-CC student in one of the bathrooms.

Shortly after, B-CC once again changed its hall pass policy to require students and staff to carry their B-CC ID with them at all times. This new policy aims to prevent incidents, such as the aforementioned assault, by ensuring that only B-CC students enter the school.

Some students weren’t enthused by this new policy. “It’s such a pain to go all the way around the building, especially when so many students park on Chelton,” complained B-CC junior Anna Tercyak, referring to the Chelton Road entrance where the non-BCC teenagers were admitted. “So it’s sort of just an unwritten rule between students to let each other in.”

Other students wonder how this new policy impacts those who are stopped. B-CC junior Anna Antonolfi was walking through the halls when she saw B-CC security stop a student and ask for their ID.

Antonolfi expressed, “I felt so bad for him because he clearly went to B-CC, and it felt like they were accusing him of doing something.” Many students don’t believe that implementing new rules is the best way to handle these issues, finding it “hard to keep up” with all the changes.

Unauthorized entrances, along with students skipping class and wandering the halls, have been recurring issues throughout the school year. This new policy will be B-CC administration’s fourth attempt to end this problem.