Winter Fashion: Wear or Tear?

As seasons change, so does B-CC student fashion. Many fashion statements are taking the stage this winter. Some, however, I would never be caught wearing.

Caroline O'Brien

As seasons change, so does B-CC students’ style. Many fashion statements are taking the stage this winter. Some, however, I would never be caught wearing:


First: shorts. Not shorts worn in summer or spring, but in winter. The victims of this appalling fashion trend usually grapple with the fact that summer is long gone. Seeing a student wearing shorts on a cold winter day makes me shiver. Whether the shorts are five or 11 inches long, we all wish you would wear pants. No one wants to see your chicken legs anyway.


You know that one fashion trend that you think will never return, yet it somehow always creeps back in? You guessed it, the shoes no one seems to be able to let go of are UGG boots. The popularity of these boots peaked in the early 2000s but never went out of style. It seems each year, UGG comes out with a modified version of the original 8-inch boot to fit current fashion desires. This year, these boots are mini and no taller than five inches. They are so popular at B-CC that it almost seems illegal to wear any other shoe.


Another unfortunate shoe statement seen in our halls this year is crocs paired with ankle or mid-length socks. The horrifying winter version of socks and sandals. There are quite a few modifications to this, but whether the crocs are in sport mode or not, I am not the biggest fan. Honestly, I am 100% sure that no one else is either, except Justin Beiber. 

T-Shirts for Bands You Know Nothing About

So, what did you think about their second album? Uh huh.

If you are a current victim of any of these questionable fashion statements, please look to the stylish Tattler staff for guidance. Michael Shapiro is happy to help.


*Please note that this is a satirical piece. We are cognizant that students’ wardrobes are shaped by what they have access to and love. We discourage anyone from taking our jokes to heart!