B-CC Theatre Announces Mean Girls as the Spring Show

Get in, Baron. We’re watching Mean Girls.


Edison Dohler

B-CC Theatre announced the play Mean Girls as the spring show on Wednesday, November 30. Auditions were held on December 8, with callbacks the following day. When asked how he decided on the play, Director Kevin Koperski expressed, “Mean Girls was just released for high schools this year, which makes it a popular title. B-CC will be one of the few schools in the country that gets to do it.”

Although the entire cast list is still a work in progress, there is currently an ensemble of over 40 students, with the following students playing the main characters:


Character                         Actor

Cady                                 Holly Kane

Regina                                 Molly Sylvester

Gretchen                            Sofia Gomide

Karen                                  Hannah Rosser

Janis                                     Nalia Ahmed

Damian                               Martin Angell

Aaron                                  Quang Ho

Kevin G                               Tommy Soffronoff

Mr. Duvall                          Jeremy Gee

Ms. Norbury                      Marisa Cheplo

Mrs. George                      Samantha Siedow


Show dates are March 23 to 25. B-CC students are invited to watch a fun, lighthearted show with a strong message about female empowerment and knowing who your friends are.