Dear Seniors, Breathe

College decisions should be coming out. Not grey hairs.

Maya Grayer

Dear Seniors,

As college decisions are released, the anticipation of that promising email in your inbox grows every day, eating away at you as you watch your friends (or enemies!) face crushing disappointment or electrifying success. That status update notification is like a sickening tug of reality.

An alarm wakes you the next morning, far earlier than you’d prefer, and you’re once again reminded of college decisions. You roll over to your phone and log into Gmail. You probably didn’t get an email overnight…but you might as well check. 

Patiently waiting for your Gmail to update, you stare down the gray spiral dancing on the top of your screen. Aaaaaannnndd, nothing.

You refresh the screen again and again until you realize you wasted a good minute of your morning. Until you find yourself doing the same thing in math class, in the car, at lunch, at dinner, and right before bed.

Seniors, be patient. The emails will come. You’re going places. I swear. Although this feels like life or death, it isn’t. High school will end, and the world will be right there waiting for you, regardless of which college you attend.

Stay calm and keep your composure. Let this be a reminder to breathe every once in a while.


Fellow Senior