Shooting at Clyde’s in Friendship Heights


Google Earth

Google Maps image of outside our neighborhood Clyde’s.

Edison Dohler, staff

A verbal altercation inside Clyde’s Restaurant, a community favorite, led to a shot being fired once the involved parties stepped outside the building. Police were called to the scene at approximately 12:15 am on November 14th. Two people have been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries; one was shot and the other was assaulted. After the incident, the suspect fled the scene. The police are still searching for the runaway.
Emerson Delfin, a B-CC senior who has spent every Christmas at Clyde’s, was distraught upon hearing about the tragedy. Coincidentally, she was eating dinner there just the week before the shooting. She could not help but think, “What if it happened to me or the people that I care about?”
Delfin added, “You see things like this happening on the news, but you never think it will happen somewhere in your community.”
With Clyde’s being less than a 10-minute drive from B-CC, this tragedy has had a significant impact on the community. As of right now, the investigation is still ongoing, and police are still trying to determine the suspect’s motive.