Like a Good Neighbor, the Barons Are There

With limited parking on the B-CC campus, drivers get desperate.

Logan Tongberg

In the morning, B-CC students can be seen parking up and down Sleaford Road, Lynbrook Road, Kentbury Road, and other streets that surround the school. Unfortunately, spots are limited, and if you are not one of the first students there or if you do not know how to parallel park, the chances of you finding a spot are very unlikely. That is, unless the student believes a residential driveway is fair game. This has been angering residents who live there, leading some to even leave signs on the cars of students that are blocking their driveways.
Lael Spalter, a B-CC junior who has been on the receiving end of one of the signs made by a resident, says, “I feel very bad about partially blocking their driveway, but it is very difficult to find affordable parking near B-CC as a student.” As a student, Spalter does not have a monthly income, and can not afford the $120 parking per month at Waverly Garage, a nearby parking garage. This leaves Lael stuck trying to fit her car somewhere in the neighborhood and unfortunately upsetting the residents.
Students have always struggled to get parking spots at B-CC. Having a school that is in a residential neighborhood makes the school property very limited, and along with this comes little parking space for both students and teachers. The senior parking lot is primarily for students, which does not have enough space for the whole class. The rest of the student body is left with nowhere to park unless they can get one of the neighborhood passes or if they are willing to pay the very expensive prices at nearby parking garages. B-CC administrators do their best to give out parking passes; however, a group of students will always be excluded.