Toilets Found In Third-Floor Vape Rooms

An investigation is underway into what some are calling “the prank of the decade” after several toilets were found in the third floor vape rooms at B-CC. Walter Hesse, who first reported the prank, was taking his hourly vape break when he discovered that someone had moved several toilets into the room, which has been dedicated entirely to teens inhaling various candy flavored toxic metals for all of recent memory.

Administration officials have vowed to find the intrepid prankster who would dare disrupt students with such a crude display. Mr. Gibson, our anonymous administration source, told us, “We think that the prankster may have accomplices with backgrounds in plumbing, as the toilets were fully functional upon discovery. Until we can have the toilets removed, we urge students to ignore them and continue using the room for its intended purpose: breathing bubblegum mini-knives into their lungs.”